GIVER Books & Media is a publishing company initiated and nurtured by a small group of people who love reading and writing since 2017.
Our objective is to facilitate access to knowledge through high quality books.


We legally buy the copyright of top-notch works around the world, which are later translated and brought closer to local readers.
We support local authors to materialize drafts into real books and help them to grow personal branding through the value of those works.



As our motto is to make things at its finest, we take great care of every book that you cooperate with us. 
That thoroughness gives us the confidence to accompany you, step by step, conquer the
journey of creating a successful
book. Because at the  end
of the day, quality is all
that matters.



As our name suggests, we believe that loving and giving are the foundation for growth and longevity.
We devote our heart to what we have been doing and build trust not only by the quality of
work but also by the positive
 values books can bring for
the betterment of society.

CEO - Ecoblader
Mr. Nhien
Author, CEO Aothun.vn 
Nguyen Phuong Nam


Coincidentally a collaboration got me to know about GIVER. Their professionalism is the key that helps more and more readers brought close to my books. Thank you, GIVER.

GIVER possess the dynamic of youth and the sensitivity of businessmen. Working with GIVER has always been a satisfying experience.


Being responsible for general management and operation of GIVER, Bich Thuy is the Co-founder and CEO of the company.
She has many years of experience in human resource management, both in domestic and foreign companies. In GIVER, she also plays the role of internal manager and takes on being the liaison between GIVER and customers and partners.

Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy - CEO

As the Co-founder and Project Manager of GIVER, Tran Thanh Phong is the leading engine of a team carrying "keep striving" DNA. He has over 15 years of management and business enterprise. In GIVER, he is the one who strategizes how books can bring their quality to readers and help enhance the reputation of writers.
He is also a best-selling author and Ironman athlete.

Tran Thanh Phong - Project Manager 

Hoang Phi graduated from Foreign Trade University and has been in collaboration with multiple business magazines. With the advantage of well-trained economics and business background, in GIVER, Phi is responsible for writing and editing specialized materials, from published books to digital content.

Nguyen Hoang Phi - Writer

In responsibility for order management, ensuring the just-in-time inventory process for ASAP delivery and minimum inventory cost. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Publishing Business, Ngoc Yen has worked in the book publishing industry as a sales manager for nearly 05 years.

Le Thi Ngoc Yen - Sales Manager

Identify customer needs, respond to customer queries, and collaborate with internal departments to optimize customer services and brand awareness. Vy stands on behalf of both GIVER and our customers.

Truong Truc Vy - Customer Experience Specialist

With more than 4 years of experience in the graphic design area, Hoang Nhi breathes soul and liveliness into tasteless pages by her craftmanship. She also handles GIVER&'s visual identity and design elements to ensure that the company's commitment set rules for how aesthetic and delicate the works are.

Hoang Nhi - Designer 

Ben Ha graduated with double bachelor's degrees: a Finance Degree from the University of Economics and a Library-Information Degree from the University of Culture. Having the advantage of cross-field knowledge and meticulous word manipulation skills, Ben Ha turns soulless facts into compelling stories.

Truong Ben Ha - Book Editor & Ghostwriter


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